From: Exit Staff
American Chamber of Commerce: Corruption Is Biggest Threat to Albanian Economy

The President of the American Chamber of Commerce, Enio Jaço stated that corruption is the biggest threat to the Albanian economy.

During his speech in a statement to the media, Jaço said that mechanisms have been created to fight corruption, especially at high levels. He added that these mechanisms are not being implemented properly.

“We have created various mechanisms to create a program in the fight against corruption, for senior and middle officials involved in corruption. Regarding public consultations, we have a law, but it does not work well.”

Jaço stated that this chamber recommends modernization of the tax system, to promote the formalization of businesses, the strengthening of Albanian exports, which need to be supported by trade and fiscal policies, the strengthening of the digital economy. He added that it will be impossible for any economy to be successful after the pandemic without having a digital economy.

Albania has been criticized several times for creating laws and frameworks but not implementing them. Examples include measures to combat human trafficking, financial crime, asset seizures, money laundering, justice reform, and police reform.