From: Exit News
As Tourist Season Begins, Government Demolishes Illegal Buildings on Coast amid Claims of Impartiality

The Albanian National Territory Protection Inspectorate (IKMT) has begun demolishing illegal constructions alongside the Velipoja and Karaburun coasts, despite citizen protests that IKMT is politically targeting specific owners.

Several Velipoja owners have accused the Inspectorate of selectively demolishing constructions. The head of the Democratic Party Velipoja branch Nikollë Marku claims that IKMT’s demolitions are targeted based on owners’ political convictions. 

He said that the Shkodra Territory Protection Inspectorate was not even aware of today’s IKMT action in Velipoja, that will demolish 27 objects. His claim was corroborated by Shkodra mayor Voltana Ademi, who clashed with the Minister of the Interior over this lack of transparency between institutions and selective demolitions. 

Ademi was joined by Lezha mayor and former Socialist MP, Pjerin Ndreu, in expressing concerns over coastline demolitions taking place at the beginning of the tourist season, and without notifying the municipalities. It is the latter, he said, that will have to carry the burden of preparing for the tourist season, a burden that has been further aggravated by the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

To the mayor’s concerns, the Interior Minister responded that IKMT acts directly on violators of the law, and does not have to first negotiate with any mayor to do so.