From: Exit Staff
Association of the Blind of Albania Complains of “Denigrating” Language Used by Prime Minister

The Association of the Blind of Albania has sent a letter to State Commissioner Ilirjan Celibashi, to complain about the language used by Prime Minister Rama in the campaign, which according to them is insulting to their community.

“In the political rhetoric used by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania, Mr. Edi Rama, an inappropriate, denigrating and insulting terminology has always been used against the community of people with disabilities, specifically for blind citizens and those who do not hear or do not speak,” the letter said.

The association refers to the latest case, where during a meeting Wednesday in Shiroka, Rama used derogatory Albanian terminology for ‘deaf’ and ‘blind’ (shurdh’ and ‘qorr’) to describe opposition supporters. There are not such derogatory terms in the English language therefore it’s not possible to adequately translate the meaning. 

They ask Celibashi to take appropriate measures and sanctions under the law to ban the use of this language.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rama used similar language in Kavaja, again to describe Opposition supporters. He called them: “blind and deaf with a cork mind”.