Basha Calls on the Prosecution: Do Not Serve Crime,  Investigate Taulant Balla and Ardi Veliu
Opposition leader Lulzim Basha called on the prosecution to seek the arrest for the General Director of State Police Ardi Veliu and for the Fier County Police Director for their meddling in the case of Albert Veliu –  Agron Xhafaj hidden recordings and for their threats against Fredi Alizoti, so as to have him claim that he played the role of Xhafaj in the said recordings.
Here is what Basha had to say in a press conference on October 15:
“I call on men and women in the Prosecution to immediately issue an arrest warrant for Ardi Veliu and the Director of Fier County Police, in compliance with the law and against the criminal and illegal orders”.
The DP chairman also called for the start of investigations for the head of the SP parliamentary group Taulant Balla. He stated that:
“The evidence incriminating Taulant Balla and Ardi Veliu for forging and paying a fake witness with the goal of protecting the drug trafficker Agron Xhafaj,  brother of the Interior Minister, is unmistakable. Until now there is no investigation started on Taulant Balla, Ardi Veliu and the Director of Fier County Police yet”.
Also, regarding the General Prosecutor Arta Marku and the Head of the Serious Crimes Prosecution Donika Prela, Basha said the Marku and Prela will be held responsible for the manipulation of investigations and their service to Prime Minister Rama and to crime.
“The manipulation of investigations and the lack of crimes investigation by the prosecution are serious crimes,  of which the Marku-Prela duo and their servants at the prosecution will be held responsible.”