From: Alice Taylor
Basha: “I Have Never Been a Member of Any Investigation Process Against the KLA”

DP Chairman Lulzim Basha clarified that he has never been part of any investigation into KLA fighters.

“It is a complete slander everything that was said about me.

I have never been a member of any investigation process against the KLA. I was part of the Hague Tribunal team for the Milosevic investigation, and I am proud of that. The teams were divided. The team investigating the crimes of the Serbs could not investigate the Albanians either.

I did not cooperate with the prosecutor you are saying, he was the anthropologist of the international mission in Kosovo. For my role in UNMIK it consisted of 3 tasks, for 6 months in the investigation of Serb crimes, in the ethnic cleansing of North Mitrovica.

We were surrounded in court by Bridge Guards, Serbian paramilitaries. I worked for 1 year, as a responsible person in one of the five areas under KFOR. And finally, the preparation of the transition of power, from the UN to the Kosovo authorities. Establishment of the Ministry of Justice of Kosovo “, explained Basha in the show ‘Real Story’, with the journalist Sokol Balla.

Prime Minister Edi Rama and Head of the Socialist Parliamentary Group Taulant Balla have both publicly accused Basha of working against the KLA during the Yellow House report and investigation.

Director of Human Rights Watch, Lotte Leicht said that their politicisation of the issue was an insult to victims memories as well as being “shameful and misguided.”