Basha: No Free And Fair Elections if Rama is Still Prime Minister

Opposition leader, Lulzim Basha has said that the opposition will only take part in “legitimate local elections” under the supervision of a transitional government.

During a visit to Korça yesterday, he said that “30 June proved that with Edi Rama there cannot be a free and fair election process.”

He added that the demands of the opposition are a snap election supervised by a transitional government without Edi Rama, “to bring justice to all of those who stole the votes of the Albanians.”

Basha referred to the OSCE-ODHIR findings that the elections could have violated the President’s decree and provided no real choice for voters. He also spoke about the Democratic Conviction party who were registered in violation of electoral law, further contributing to the overall invalidity of the June 30 elections held by the governing Socialist Party.

He reiterated his stance that the opposition will not enter into any negotiations with Rama and spoke of the hope that through the free vote of Albanian citizens, Rama would be removed from power.

“Edi Rama’s departure as prime minister is indisputable. Our power is the largest popular union in 3 decades of pluralism, it is 85 percent majority that says ‘Rama, go!’, referring to the fact that only around 15% of the population voted in the 30 June vote.”

Speaking at a meeting in Perrenjas also yesterday, Basha discussed the issue of the National Theatre with those in attendance. He held the Prime Minister responsible for the country’s political, social, and economic situation whilst saying that the Socialist Party had no other plan but to plunder public property.

“Edi Rama and his gang have n0 other plan but to rob public property like in the case of the National Theatre where they will benefit from €200 million from six ‘drug towers’.”

He also called the plans for the Tirana ring road that will see thousands of citizens made homeless “an abduction of the law”.

Whilst Albanians are unemployed and living in poverty, “Rama, Dako, Balla, and Gjiknuri live in luxury, and embezzle millions of euros,” he said.

He promised to restore Albanians confidence in the government and to bring to justice all of those involved in organised crime. In addition to this, Basha said the Democratic Party will “end the country’s abandonment of immigration, employment policies, and the destruction of the economy.”

Speaking once again about the elections and the evidence of vote rigging unveiled via leaked prosecution wiretaps, the opposition leader said:

“We will not accept this unconstitutional and illegal usurpation. Where illegal power, created by votes bought with drug and crime money, seeks to usurp legitimate power and citizens’ rights, all forms of resistance are legitimate, and we will encourage them.”