Basha: OPDAT & EURALIUS Made a Mistake

In an interview with Sokol Balla on Top Story, opposition leader Lulzim Basha called the legal opinion of international legal assistance missions OPDAT and EURALIUS “a mistake”:

OPDAT and EURALIUS are mistaken. Their opinion has no legal value and as regards argumentation it is a ridiculous mistake.

I don’t comment on embassies and ambassadors, but I can tell that non denouncing drugs is a mistake, no going to the end of the decriminalization is a mistake. And because the support of the violation of the Constitution and in particular the judicial reform, which is a common investment, would be a ridiculous mistake.

Asked by Balla why the PD is not sending the issue to the Constitutional Court, Basha answered:

The PS is reviewing this possibility, where there are two lines of thought: following the institutional road and the other line that during the government of Rama Albania has fallen into a deep crisis of democracy, a deep institutional, constitutional, and political crisis that cannot be resolved by pretending that the institutions in our country function.

If a majority decides to openly violate in a flagrant manner the Constitution and undoes a great investment of the Albanians and the international factor such as the judicial reform, the response cannot only be simply “bring it to the Constitutional Court.”

On the contrary, this is a golden lining for the majority. This is possibility to buy time and through this investment completely destroy the aspect of the judicial reform that has to do with the Prosecution, nominating their allies in the High Prosecutorial Council.

Basha also warned that this scenario would allow Temporary Prosecutor General Arta Marku, a protégé of PD deputy Ulsi Manja, to obstruct the investigations into several PS politicians, including Saimir Tahiri and Vangjush Dako.