Basha Responds to Rama: Arrest Tahiri, Balili, and Xhafaj’s Brother

Opposition leader Lulzim Basha has responded on Facebook to Prime Minister Edi Rama’s announcement of a major anti-cannabis action.

According to the leader of the PD, the Prime Minister’s police action will not lead to the arrest of the major drug lords of Albania, but only “arrest some poor villagers and petty criminals.”

With the tragicomic seriousness that has come over him, Edi Rama announced today to world another historical battle: the heroic battle against cannabis and the criminal groups related to drugs. But it is now known that the only heroism of Rama is the arrest of small offenders, those who are so big as to have links with the government.

The head of Albania’s transformation into a cannabis plantation is Saimir Tahiri, so much so that our foreign partners have Rama an ultimatum for his dismissal, as never before. But those who expect Rama’s action to affect Tahiri will be disappointed.

Maybe the largest drug trafficker in Albania is Klement Balili, which Edi Rama let go even though the US wanted him, because if Balili would speak half of the ministers would fall.

So those who expect that with his action Rama will arrest Balili will be disappointed. One of the most wanted drug traffickers in Europe is the brother of Fatmir Xhafa, but those who expect Rama’s action to arrest will be also disappointed.

Edi Rama’s action will arrest some poor villagers and some petty criminals. The true criminals will govern the country together with Rama. Until the people remove him.

With his statement, Lulzim Basha returns to his opposition rhetoric before he signed the McAllister+ agreement with Prime Minister Rama on May 17. During the campaign, Basha had avoided the theme of drug trafficking in Albania, but now that the tenure of the PD ministers in Rama’s government nearly seems to be finished, he is returning to his previous themes.