Blushi Proposes to Limit Campaign Expenses

Libra leader Ben Blushi has today proposed an amendment to the electoral code that would limit the amount of money that political parties are allowed to spend during their political campaigns.

Libra proposes

a formula that envisions expenses that do not exceed 10 lekë per inhabitant, not more than 300,000 lekë average per candidate, and not more than 42 million lekë per party.

Speaking in the plenary session of Parliament today, Blushi said that Albanians have the highest expenses per capita in Europe for electoral campaigns, even though Albania is one of the poorest countries.

The election campaign of 2013 has cost more than €40 million, money that has been the result of tenders, cannabis, and concessions. We have no justification to spent €50 million from the pockets of the Albanians on elections! 3 million lekë [= 300,000 lekë] per deputy is enough!