Blushi to Meta: Propose a Motion to Bring Down Rama

Libra leader Ben Blushi has invited Speaker of Parliament Ilir Meta to propose a motion to bring down the Rama government:

I say all those who have votes in Parliament, including the LSI, which is half of the government, that if they want to make a motion to bring down the government we will be with you with our two votes.

Deputy Blushi said that he has been demanding the end of the Rama government for more than a year.

Previously, Blushi has declared that Libra will enter the elections of June 18 even if the Democratic Party doesn’t participate. Blushi accepted that the government that would be the result of those elections would be legal, but not moral and that the country would enter an even deeper crisis.

But in his speech yesterday Blushi stated that “Libra will enter the elections but it seems that there are no elections.”

The leader of the new political movement Libra declared his support for political dialogue between the parties as the way to solve the political crisis.