From: Exit Staff
Case of Judge Luan Daci to go to Trial

The Special Court against Corruption  (SPAK) has decided to send the case of former judge Luan Daci to trial.

In a decision made today, the court decided to accept the request of the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecution to investigate Daci for forgery of documents. On 27 July, Daci was formally charged by SPAK with the crime.

Daci was fired from his role as a judge in 1997 after it was discovered he had hidden a decision regarding. pyramid scheme for up to six months. He had also organised a strike in the Court of Tirana. Hee then chose to hide this information when applying to be a part of the Appeal Chamber (KPA) claiming he had resigned.

Had he been honest and stated that he was fired, he would have been ineligible for election to the KPA.

Daci was initially reported to SPAK by a former member of the High Prosecution Council, Besnik Cani. Former prosecutor Cani accuses Daci of hiding the HCJ decision to remove him from office for violating the law and incompetence.

At the end of the investigation, the SPAK  requested the suspension from office and accused Daci of falsifying documents.