Catania Prosecution Closes Investigation of Habilaj Clan Members, But Not of Tahiri

Italian news outlet Meridionews has reported that the Catania prosecution has closed its investigation of the Habilaj clan members who were arrested in October, including Moisi Habilaj, Maridian Sulaj, Fatmir Minaj, and 12 Italians.

The investigation however continues for the other Albanians mentioned in the dossier and who are still wanted by the Anti-mafia Prosecution of Catania, including Florian Habilaj, Sabaudin Çelaj, Armando Sulaj, and Nezar Seiti. The latter is currently in Albanian prison awaiting his extradition.

In spite of reports disseminated by the pro-government media in recent days, the news from Catania doesn’t imply anything about the status of the investigation of former Minister of Interior Affairs Saimir Tahiri, who may still be under investigation.

Even though Tahiri has publicly produced a document, which appears to confirm that he is not under investigation in Italy, a recent investigation of Top Channel has shown that the document provided by Tahiri is most likely a falsification. Unlike official documents, Tahiri’s document did not carry a registration number, barcode, or official logo of the Prosecution of Catania.

Recently, the Court of Serious Crimes in Tirana has blocked Tahiri’s passport after additional evidence was provided by the Prosecution for his links with organized crime.