From: Exit Staff
CEC Gives Details of Investigations into Electoral Fraud, Corruption and Voter Intimidation

The State Commissioner, Ilirjan Celibashi announced that SPAK and five district prosecutors have filed 10 requests with the CEC for information and 2 decisions for sequestration of election materials following the 25 April general elections.

Through a post on Twitter, Celibashi wrote that the Tirana police have also requested film footage of the counting process.

For the elections of # 25prill2021, 10 requests for information & 2 decisions for sequestration of election materials were submitted to the CEC by the SPAK & Prosecution of Tirana, Gjirokastra, Puka, Vlora & Elbasan. Film footage of the counting process has been requested by the Tirana Police. ”

He added that the prosecution has launched investigations into: falsification of election material and election results, obstruction of electoral subjects, voting more than once/without identification, violation of the secrecy of the ballot, active corruption in elections, intimidation/assault of participants in the election, and the illegal acquisition or use of identification documents.

The Commissioner stated that after the process of reviewing administrative complaints about the elections is closed, the CEC will refer all suspicious cases of election violations to the Prosecutor’s Office.