From: Exit Staff
Citizens Protest Over Lack of State Help, Eight Months after Korçë Earthquake

A group of residents from the Albanian village of Floq have protested today outside the Municipality of Korçë over a lack of help following the 1 June earthquake.

On 1 June 2019, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck the area, causing damage to over 100 homes. A further five aftershocks were registered in the area in the hours following the initial quake. 

The areas worst hit included Floq and Dvoran and while no one was killed, a number of citizens reported injuries and many were rendered homeless.

Eight months later, some of the citizens impacted by the quake say that they do not have the money to repair their properties and that they have not received any state assistance, despite promises. They say that whilst owners of the worst-hit houses have received financial support from government, other will slightly less damages have not.

A resident stated that he has received no compensation although the government estimated that 50 percent of his house was damaged.