From: Exit Staff
Committee of Inquiry Considering Reporting Albanian President over Criminal Acts

The committee of inquiry set up to dismiss President Ilir Meta for his alleged “serious violations” of the Constitution is considering referring his violations to the Prosecutor’s Office so that this latter may bring criminal charges against the head of the state.

In their meeting on Tuesday, broadcast live, the head of the committee Alket Hyseni said they may prepare two reports – one for the parliament and another for the Prosecutor’s Office.

“I think that, apart from a violation of the Constitution, there may be elements of criminal acts, which we may consider [when deciding] whether there will be only one report over serious violations, or whether to also send a report to the General Prosecutor identifying elements that point to criminal acts,” Hyseni said.

When reviewing the evidence presented by a number of institutions at the committee’s request, the ruling Socialist Party MPs concluded that Meta’s actions during the electoral campaign amounted to serious violations, a condition that warrants his dismissal.

They accused the president of calling for revolution, threatening to dissolve the parliament, inciting violence among the public which led to the killing of one person, harming relations with partner countries, threatening the police, siding with the opposition, and attempting to influence the Constitutional Court.

A report will be completed and presented to the parliament within this week, including the committee’s proposal on whether the president should be dismissed. A draft of the report is expected to be made public on Wednesday, while the parliament is expected to vote on the matter during the first week of June.


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