From: Alice Taylor
Company with Controversial Labour Right Record Inaugurates Plant in Fier on Land It Paid €1 For

Yura Corporation has inaugurated its new factory in Fier, opening its doors with 567 local workers.

The South Korean company with a regional subsidiary in Serbia, is a manufacturer of wire harnesses and other similar automotive products. Launched in 2010, the Serbian branch of operations was established through Serbian state subsidies to the South Korean parent company. 

It is one of the largest collaborators with automobile manufacturers Kia Motors and Hyundai Motors.

Unfortunately, the Serbian branch of the company has been plagued by accusations of inhumane working conditions for employees. The reports alleged that employees are forced to work in harsh conditions and to be silent on the violation of labour laws.

Investors had also allegedly threatened to leave the country if strikes and complaints disrupted the company’s reputation. Reported violations include mobbing, insulting, cursing, physical attacks, sexual harassment, non-payment of wages, and other forms of harassment. Then in 2015, it was alleged that workers were not allowed to use the toilet as it disrupted productivity. Instead, they were apparently made to wear diapers.  

Yura Corporation did not respond to any of the allegations.

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama visited the plant in Fier to see the €8 million investment. Rama posted a video to Facebook stating that the plant’s exports may reach €100 million within three years.

In February 2019, Anila Denaj the Minister of the Economy signed an agreement with Yura to lease 4.9 hectares of land near Fier, for the price of €1 for the construction of the plant. The long term plans of the Corporation include the opening of two other factories and the creation of 4000 jobs.