From: Exit News
Constitutional Court to Review Constitutionality of 2019 Local Elections

The Constitutional Court of Albania will review the constitutionality of 2019 local elections on June 23, inside sources told News24 journalist Klodiana Lala on Wednesday.

The case was submitted to the court by opposition parties, following the ruling Socialist Party’s decision to hold local elections on June 30, 2019, in disregard of a presidential decree canceling elections on that date.

The President cancelled the June 30 elections and assigned a new date, October 13, 2019, following opposition’s boycott of elections, ongoing protests, and his assessment that the government risked not being able to guarantee due process.

The opposition has requested the court to declare the elections invalid and order repeat elections.

The Socialist Party ran alone after the opposition boycott of elections, and won in all 61 municipalities across the country.


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