From: Exit News
Coronavirus Continues Spreading in Europe, Two New Countries Affected

The spread of the coronavirus continues throughout Europe. Three more people have lost their lives to it, bringing the total number of the victims in the country to 17.

The three victims were elderly and suffered from other health problems, two being 88 years old and one 82.

Meanwhile the number of infected cases in Italy has increased from 528 yesterday, to 655 at present.

In Greece, another person has tested positive for the virus, putting the number of infected cases in the neighboring country at four.

The latest case is a 36-year old who had traveled to Italy recently. Upon returning she had exhibited coronavirus symptoms but is now stable and remains isolated.

Greece has cancelled all Carnival festivities as a preventative measure.

In the last few hours, new cases have been reported throughout Europe, including an Iranian student in Belarus, and a Lithuanian woman who had returned from North Italy.

This puts the number of European countries affected by the coronavirus at 19.