Court Decides To Confiscate Peza’s Shares

The Court of Serious Crimes decided today to confiscate the shares of PS Deputy Alfred Peza’s wife in the Credins Bank. The confiscation of the shares at a value of 113 million lekë (~€835,000) comes after the request of the Prosecution to that end of a few days ago.

This decision is the result of an investigation of several months, after the accusation that Deputy Peza and his wife Mirela Ndini had hidden assets and committed money laundering.

Neither Peza nor his wife have been able to justify their wealth. They claimed that the money had been “saved” from both their modest salaries and that it was unrelated to his position as deputy.

The investigation started in January, after several media published the acquisition of the shares in Credins Bank by Ndini.

The High Inspectorate of the Declaration and Control of Wealth and Conflict of Interest (ILDKPKI) immediately started the control and administrative investigation of Peza’s wealth, which was then passed on to the Prosecution of Serious Crimes.