From: Alice Taylor
COVID-19 Vaccine to be Distributed for Free, Patients to be Reimbursed for Medicine

The Albanian government has said that the COVID-19 vaccine will be distributed free of charge for all citizens, once one has been approved and has been brought to Albania.

The news was announced by Minister of Health Ogerta Manastriliu during a press conference yesterday.

She said that the Ministry is working to increase capacity for hospitals and to acquire more equipment and staff as cases continue to soar. The Minister added that another 36. ambulances will be added to the ‘COVID-19 fleet’.

Prime Minister Edi Rama also announced that the government will reimburse citizens with the cost of medicines used to treat COVID-19 at home. During a press conference, Rama confirmed that the COVID vaccine will also be paid for by the state.

Also yesterday, Rama said that the government is preparing a third package of economic assistance for medicines and assistance to families in need.

“The third package will be to support the sick for essential medicines, or even to support families in economic assistance.”

Rama assessed the measures taken by the government as ‘minimal’ and said that the government does not plan to enter another lockdown.

“We do not have coercive measures, these are minimal. We do not want to shut down the economy because we think it is possible to maintain a balance.”

Rama also said that EUR 6.5 million has been made available if more doctors and nurses are needed.

According to him, so far the government has spent EUR 25 million in funding for the pandemic.