Blushi: Deep Crisis Looms If PD Abandons Elections

Even though the Democratic Party (PD) and its allies didn’t attend the parliamentary session today, Libra leader Ben Blushi declared that the country will be thrown into a deep crisis after the elections because, according to him, they are threatened by both Rama’s Rilindja Government and the PD.

If the PD were to abandon the elections, it would sabotage the electoral administration. The [EU] integration would be blocked for half a decade, and the country would be in a crisis. So the PD only has one way: to kill itself with the hope that the bullet will kill its opponent.

He further accused the LSI for contradictory positions toward the protest, stating that “the during the night the clutches of the LSI are with the protest, and during the day against it.”

Comparing the two protests, the one of the socialists in 2010 and the PD is organizing these days, Blushi emphasized that both are for the sake of power, and don’t aim to solve the real problems of the Albanians: “Today they protest because Basha’s career is at risk, back then because it was Rama’s.”