Democratic Party Calls For Miners Rights To Be Enforced And Protected

The Democratic Party have strongly condemned the plight of the miners in Bulqize following four of them being fired shortly after forming a new workers union.

DP ex deputy Eno Bozdo posted on Facebook, denouncing Albchrome and their handling of the situation. Having met with representatives of the workers and trade union of Albchrome, Bozdo referred to the “legitimate pressure” placed on the syndicate by Albchrome and said that the demands of the miners for better working conditions were fair.

He added that the “collective work contract between the workers and the company must be respected until the end”. Bozdo blamed “government corruption” as a key factor in the current situation.

“This government holds the blackest record in Albania’s history in terms of those who have lost their lives in their work or seriously injured in it.

This fact shows that the specialized government structures such as the National Council of work etc. are nonexistent. And this is a very big part of the problem,” he wrote

Bozdo stated that the miners have the full support of the DP and call on Albchrome to immediately stop illegal pressures on workers and to reinstate the four union members who lost their jobs. He added that it is the duty of the state police to assist, rather than to put more pressure on the union.

He added:

‘The Democratic party asks the national institutions at the same time to take their responsibility on themselves, by ensuring the law and the right of workers according to the work code and work contracts signed by the parties.”

Following his meeting with miners, Bozdo told the media that miners are being abused and underpaid and that when they demand their rights, they face pressure and dismissal by Albchrome executives. He again appealed to the company to enforce contracts with employees to create better working conditions.