From: Alice Taylor
Democratic Party Files Complaint in SPAK Against Police Director Ardi Veliu

The Democratic Party has filed a complaint in SPAK against General Director of the State Police, Ardi Veliu.

In a statement given to the media, the PD list five criminal charges they say Veliu is guilty of. They have requested his suspension from duty until the investigation has been completed.

The PD noted that “In peaceful protests to counter the spirit of police repression and governing abusiveness, excessive use of police force, insane use of gas has been observed…it was thrown in large quantities on the Boulevard and in residential areas with a high density of citizens who were not part of the protest.”

They also said that Veliu ordered the assault on children during the protests.

They accuse Veliu of:

  1. Abuse of duty
  2. Committing arbitrary actions
  3. Obstructing the right to gather, protest, and express
  4. Other intentional damages
  5. Failing to take measures to prevent violence

Since SPAK has been functional, it has not yet convicted any senior officials or political figures of corruption. One of its most recent sentences was against a man who bribed a police officer with EUR 8.