From: Exit News
Democratic Party Sues Prime Minister and Tirana Mayor for Demolition of Theater

On Tuesday, the Albanian Democratic Party has filed a suit at the Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor (SPAK) against Prime Minister Edi Rama, Tirana mayor Erion Veliaj, and Tirana deputy mayor Arbjan Mazniku for the demolition of the National Theater.

During a press conference, former Democratic MP Albana Vokshi claimed that the demolition of the National Theater was illegal and was done purely in the corruptive interests of Prime Minister Rama. “We believe someone must go to prison for this crime,” Vokshi said.

Vokshi also said that she had asked SPAK to ban any construction work on the land of the National Theater while the case is reviewed, in order to halt any “illegal construction or theft of the land by Rama and Veliaj’s oligarchs for their towers”

She called on SPAK to investigate the case and warned that the Democratic Party will consider the case of the National Theater as a test of SPAK’s independence.