Deputies Call PM Rama to Parliament over EU Negotiations

A group of deputies from different parties filed a parliamentary interpellation regarding the stagnation of the process to open EU accession negotiations with Albania. They requested Prime Minister Edi Rama to come to Parliament to answer questions regarding the conclusions of the European Council of Ministers.

In their request deputies Ben Blushi and Mimoza Hafizi (Libra), Nard Ndoka (PDK), Vangjel Dule (PBDNj), Agron Duka (PAA), Astrit Patozi (PD), and Dashamir Shehi (LZhK) express the concern that the delay of the integration process creates a loss of hope, insecurity, and damages the image of Albania.


The EU demands from Albania the implementation of five priorities before the opening of the accession negotiations, including the judicial reform, fight against corruption, fight against organized crime and drugs, implementation of the decriminalization law, and elections according to international standards.