From: Die Morina van Uijtregt
Dialogue Makes Sense Only with Mutual Recognition, Kosovo’s President Says

The President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci said the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia makes sense only with the mutual recognition on the table.

This dialogue only makes sense if the proposal for mutual recognition is put on the table otherwise it is completely meaningless, completely unnecessary and has failed,” Thaci told media on Monday.

He added that in the way the dialogue is being developed so far, “it is in favour of Serbia”.

Also the former Prime Minister and the leader of the ruling Democratic League of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa has recently criticized the process.

With the behaviour of Serbia on one hand and the EU on the other, the dialogue is losing its meaning. As time goes on, it is increasingly becoming an instrument of Serbia to buy time for forgetting its crimes,” Mustafa wrote on Facebook on Saturday.

He also mentioned the oath of the Serbian ministers quoting “I will be committed to the preservation of Kosovo and Metohija within the Republic of Serbia”.

“The question is how the dialogue for a comprehensive agreement converges, resulting in mutual recognition with this commitment of the Serbian government! Can the EU give its explanation?” Mustafa wrote.

The dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia resumed after around one-month standstill due to disagreements of the parties on the issue of establishing the Association of Serb- majority Municipalities (ASM) in Kosovo.

The Prime Minister of Kosovo Avdullah Hoti has continuously stated that the Association is a closed issue, while Serbia requested for the issue to be discussed during the negotiations process in Brussels.

Kosovo and Serbia signed the Brussels Agreement in 2013, which stipulated the establishment of the ASM. It passed the parliament with two-third of votes.

In 2015, they agreed on principles for the establishment of the ASM. In October, Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga sent the agreement to the Constitutional Court for interpretation. It found that 23 items of the ASM agreement were not in line with the Constitution of Kosovo.