PD Publishes Hidden Camera Video: Fredi Alizoti Threatened by MP Balla and Police Chief Veliu

Opposition MP Ervin Salianji has show a hidden camera recording on October 9 during the talk show Opinion, in which Fredi Alizoti appears to tell how he was coerced by the General Director of the State Police Ardi Veliu and MP Taulant Balla into agreeing on having acted as the voice of Agron Xhafaj in the so-called Babale Tape.

In this video recording Fredi Alizoti says that the General Director of State Police Ardi Veliu personally accompanied him to the prosecutor’s office, while MP Taulant Balla offered him money.

Fredi: You know who came to pick me up by car? The General Director of whole Albania. He came and picked me up from home, bro. That Ard Veliu guy, bro. A MB-plated [Ministria e Brendshme – Ministry of Interior] black car picked me up and took me to the prosecutor’s.

Interlocutor: What date was it?

Fredi : It was the 1st or the 2nd. It was the 1st [of June]

Interlocutor: What time? Nighttime or daytime?

Fredi : Around a quarter past eight; 8:10pm.

Interlocutor: And they took you to the Grave Crimes [Prosecution] at nighttime?

Fredi : Yes, they took me there at nighttime.

Fredi: Taulant was in front of the Prosecutor’s [office], there is a bar there. I even had a coffee there [with him], and he started to dig into my mind, you see.

Interlocutor: Is it true that Taulant came there, talked with you and told you…

Fredi: Yes, yes, everything, everything. He even bought me a coffee.

Interlocutor: And who was Taulant with? Did you know anyone accompanying him?

Fredi: There were two guys; one light darkish-skinned and brown-haired.

Interlocutor: What bar where you at?

Fredi: In a bar, back there.

Interlocutor: At Sadri’s apartment buildings?

Fredi: I am not lying, bro.

Interlocutor: Did Taulant put any little pressure on you?

Fredi: Who buys that! I’ve been in [solitary confinement] dungeons in Enver Hoxha’s time.

Interlocutor: Now you tell me, man to man, word by word what he told you.

Fredi: Jump on our side, he said. Boldly. Jump on our side, he said.

Interlocutor: How were you going to jump, in what way? Jumping where you were standing?

Fredi: How could I buy that, man? He thought…

Interlocutor: So what did he say? Did he say he would do anything to you?

Fredi: No worries, man, we will take you across [outside Albania]; I will give you money; that kind of table talk, as per their habit.