Ghost Company Dunwell Haberman Also Won €12 Million OST Tender

Dunwell Haberman (DH) Albania won a €12 million tender of the Transmission System Operator (OST). published the tender documents. DH Albania is a branch of the offshore company Dunwell Haberman registered in Delaware, US.

The tender object was the construction of the 220 kV line between Burrel and Peshkopia cities – one of the biggest tenders at the OST this year, held in November 2018. Documents from the Agency of Public Procurement show that DH Albania won the tender with an offer equal to OST’s budget limit.

DH Albania came under media scrutiny after it was announced as the winning bidder for one of the three lots for the construction of the Outer Ring Road in Tirana. The bid amounted to €18 million. Të Paekspozuarit TV Show revealed that DH Albania’s documents used in this tender were forged, including the forging of the signature of Jeffrey W. Bullock, the State Secretary of the State of Delaware. Following the revelation, the Albanian Road Authority paused the construction work only for this lot, although the whole tender process was marred by irregularities and possibly illegal procedures. Information published on 11 November 2018 had previously shown that DH Albania was a company registered in a tax haven (Delaware, US), its legal representative was a citizen of Seychelles Islands, and there was high probability that the company was a shelf company – with no previous activity whatsoever, and created for the purpose of being sold on paper.