Durrës Court Prohibits Continuation of Construction Veliera Square

The Court of Durrës has refused the request of the Municipality of Durrës to continue the construction work at Veliera Square.

In March 2017, the Court had already suspended the construction works for urban renewal of the square, which includes a giant concrete sail of 200 sq.m. designed by the Italian convicted criminal and architect Marco Casamonti, also responsible for the design of the Qemal Stafa Stadium and the bankrupt 4EverGreen Tower project in Tirana.

Works were suspended after the discovery of the foundations of a Byzantine building and several other ancient structures. Nevertheless, the Municipality of Durrës, directed by Mayor and Rama ally Vangjush Dako, ignored the court order and continued the destruction of archeological heritage, covering the finds under layers of concrete.

It is uncertain whether the Municipality will again choose to ignore the court and the protests of citizens and specialists alike.