Dutch Court Rejects Asylum Application of Key Witness in Habilaj–Tahiri Affair

Dutch media outlet EenVandaag reports that the asylum application of Antonio Nazeraj has been rejected.

Nazeraj was one of the police officers stopping a speeding Audi AA003GB that turned out to be owned by former Minister of Interior Affairs Saimir Tahiri, drivin by his criminal cousins, the Habilaj brothers. Nazeraj’s routine police check eventually led to a report by former border police chief Dritan Zagani, who received asylum in Switzerland, and the Serious Crimes Prosecution investigation into Tahiri’s links with international drug trafficking and corruption.

Now that Nazeraj’s asylum application has been rejected he will be forced to return to Albania. In a comment to EenVandaag, his parents declare: “The lives of both Antonio and his family are in danger. They are threatened by criminals and people around former Minister Tahiri. […] Each morning I check underneath the car whether there is a bomb. Once he crosses the border, they won’t let him live.”

Ever since Arta Marku took over as General Prosecutor, the investigation into Tahiri’s criminal activities has all but stopped, demoting or removing most prosecutors involved in the case.