From: Exit Staff
Earthquake Survivor Pleads for State Help After 10 Months of Living in a Tent and Container

A woman in Lezhe, Albina Vuka who lost her home in the 26 November earthquake has appealed to the government for assistance.

Her house is now a ruin and she has been living with her three children and sick husband who is in a wheelchair, in a tent and container for 10 months. During the summer, to escape the hot temperatures, they were forced to go back inside the house which has been declared uninhabitable and dangerous.

The family said they have still not received help from the state and with the winter approaching, are concerned about what will happen when temperatures drop. She begged for her house to be rebuilt and claimed she has had no information from the state about what will happen to her home.

“I just ask them to make my house so I can put my three children and sick husband inside. I don’t ask anything else from the state.”