From: Alice Taylor
Elderly Woman Abandoned by Family and State Still Living in Unacceptable Conditions

Exit previously reported on the case of an elederly woman in urgent need of care who had been abandoned by her family.

The woman had been removed from her home by relatives and was living on the street in deplorable conditions. She was suffering from visible medical issues that required immediate treatment as well as apparent mental health issues.

She told activists she had been forced to leave her home after relatives refused to care for her. Having previously been referred for specialist care in Vlore, the hospital later refused to keep her as she was difficult to take care of. She was released into the care of her brothers widow who received money to look after her. The sister in law took the money but did not care for the woman.

The 80-year-old was found by human rights activists who publicised her case. Following media outrage, the woman was transported via ambulance to the hospital for treatment. Health Minister Ogerta Manistriliu visited her in hospital where they were pictured smiling.

Social services in Vlore confirmed to the Citizens Channel that she was now receiving a disability pension and had been assigned a care worker who is being paid to look after her.

Unfortunately, just over a month later her situation is not much better. Activists went to visit her and found her sat in her own waste, in a small, barely furnished room. Unable to get on the bed, she sits and sleeps on a mattress on the floor. 

She was hungry, thirsty, dirty, and confined to a room with no window. They provided her with juice and food which she devoured instantly due to immense hunger. There was no sign of her care worker or what the 30,000 lek the state provides to her, had been spent on. In fact, the ‘care worker’ is none other than the sister in law who kicked her out of her home, refused to help her, but was more than able to take the money.

It seems that there was no follow up on the case by authorities, or move to change her caretaker.