Electoral Report: Vote Buying, Corrupt Tenders, Criminal Groups

News outlet Balkanweb has published parts of the electoral report prepared by the technical ministers proposed by the opposition that have been part of Prime Minister Edi Rama’s cabinet since the McAllister+ agreement. According to this agreement, one of the functions of the ministeres wold be to draft the governmental report on the parliamentary elections of June 25.

The report claims that there is proof for vote-buying, corruption in tender procedures, and the activization of criminal groups during the campaign:

  • Vote buying with money from dubious sources, with different favors such as title deeds, legalization, employment, passing grades at the state exam, etc.;
  • Favorization in tender procedures, the values of which are several times higher than the budget of the ministry tat awarded them;
  • Known criminal groups supporting political parties during the electoral campaign in Durrës, Shkodra, Lezha, Dibra, Elbasan, Tirana, Berat, Fier, and elsewhere;
  • Police officers, working together with criminal groups, supporting political parties during the electoral campaign. The director-general of the State Police takes no measures after complaints;
  • Distributing invitations to vote for a specific electoral subject during the day of electoral silence;
  • 3,600 people being hired, dismissed, transferred within the state administration during the electoral campaign, as shown by the data from the Directorate-General of Taxes;

The institutions involved in these moves have withheld information making it impossible to know whether these according to the structure of these institutions or with temporary contracts outside the normal structure. This issue has been raised with the prosecution by the deputy prime ministers, while being obstructed by the Prime Ministry from taking any further steps.

The technical have now handed in their resignations, in accordance with the agreement.