EP Foreign Committee Chair Criticizes Albanian Government for Demolishing the National Theater 

David McAllister, chair of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, has slammed the Albanian government for demolishing the National Theater. 

“[We] were concerned by the fact and the methods used to demolish the building of the National Theater on the 17th of May. This was widely criticized as destruction of European cultural heritage, giving another blow to the prospects of dialogue and compromise,” McAllister said in today afternoon’s session focused on the situation in Albania.

He called on Albanian politicians to work together to move the country forward towards the EU.

McAllister criticized both the government and the opposition for their questionable decision.

“We reiterate our call to all political forces to move beyond bulldozing and boycotting tactics, and to focus on advancing the country on its European path,” McAllister told the European Parliament’s Committee on Foreign Affairs on June 22.

He stressed the importance of completing and implementing the electoral reform as one of the main conditions to start EU accession talks, as well as forming functioning High and Constitutional Courts, and fighting against corruption and organized crime.