EU Diplomats Again Confirm Their Deep Ignorance of the Justice Reform

In what is no doubt a coordinated attempt of EU diplomats to support and/or pressure the government in pushing through crucial steps of the justice reform with potentially disastrous consequences for its already minimal credibility, German Ambassador Susane Schütz has followed EU Ambassador Luig Soreca in supporting the decision to install the High Judicial Council (KLGj) and High Prosecutorial Council (KLP) this week.

This week important decisions are being taken in the Albanian judice reform, one of the key priorities for Albania’s EU accession. The elections of the members of the High Prosecutorial Council and the High Judicial Council are crucial milestones on the road to an independent, professional, and effective Albanian judiciary. I am convinced that Albania now has the opportunity to strengthen the rule of law and confidence in its own judiciary.

As Exit explained before, the decision to install the KLP and KLGj before the completion of the vetting of all its candidates, including those whose appeals are currently still pending at the Special Appeals Chamber (KPA), risks severely undermining the credibility of these institutions and legality of their decisions. This hasty installation is furthermore at odds with both the vetting legislation and the Constitution.

However, it now appears that certain EU countries have decided that in order to open accession negotiations with Albania next year, anything is permitted.