From: Die Morina
EU Guaranteed Association of Serb Municipalities With No Executive Powers, Letter Reveals

Former prime minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa published a letter he received in 2015 from Frederica Mogherini, the then European Union chief diplomat, stating that the Association of Serb-majority Municipalities (ASM) will not have executive powers.

“In the context of our discussion on the establishment of the Association/ Community of Serbian majority Municipalities, I would like to confirm that it is the EU’s understanding that the Association/ Community- in accordance with the First Agreement and Kosovo Law- will not constitute a third level of government and will not have executive power,” reads the letter signed by Mogherini.

Mustafa said that he presented EU special envoy Miroslav Lajcak with the letter during today’s meeting in Prishtina.

Mustafa was the country’s prime minister in 2015 when he signed the Agreement on General Principles and Main Elements of the Association with his Serbian counter part Aleksandar Vucic, on 25 August 2015.

Mogherini had sent him the letter one day before the signing, on August 24.

On Thursday, Lajcak stated from Prishtina that Kosovo cannot have a final agreement with Serbia before establishing the ASM.

Serbia insists for an Association with executive powers, but Kosovo insists talks on the issue are closed with agreements of 2013 and 2015.

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