From: Exit Staff
EU Provides €7.5 Million and Medical Supplies to Serbia, But Only Words of Support to Kosovo

The EU donated €7.5 million to Serbia for the fight against coronavirus, while cargo planes with medical supplies aid are on their way to Serbia.

But it had only words of support for Kosovo’s efforts in fighting the epidemic.

“EU always with Serbia in times of need. Action not words,” tweeted on Friday Sem Fabrizi EU’s Ambassador to Belgrade, announcing the news after him and Serbia’s Minister of European Integration Jadranka Joksimovic signed the aid agreement.

But at the same time, EU has not offered any assistance to Kosova.

In an ironic coincidence, the same day Fabrizi tweeted about the aid to Serbia, his colleague in Pristina Nataliya Apostolova tweeted about a phone call with Minister of Health Arben Vitia. Apostolova stated that “EU will support Kosovo in easing this difficult period” giving no indication beyond general words.

This comes at a time when Kosovo’s government in facing a crisis that could result in its collapse in the coming week.

On the other hand, last week Serbia’s President Aleksandar Vucic blasted the European Union for their alleged lack of solidarity with his country, and promised his people that China will provide everything they need to fight the coronavirus.