EU Representatives Call on the Opposition to Participate in Elections

When only a few hours have remained to the deadline for a broad political agreement that would give the opposition leader the opportunity to take part in the elections, statements calling on Lulzim Basha to end the boycott have increased.

European Council President Donald Tusk has asked Mr. Basha to enter the election and promised him maximum EU engagement to ensure a peaceful environment to vote on June 18th.

Likewise, Joseph Daul, leader of the EP’s European People’s Party parliamentary group, through a phone call, has called upon the opposition leader to stop the protest and lead the opposition to the June’s elections.

Today, German Ambassador to Albania Susanne Schutz, unlike Tusk and Daul who urged Basha to take part in the elections, said that even if the opposition does not do so, Germany will recognize the June 18th elections.

On the other hand, the opposition seems determined on the decision to boycott the elections. Lulzim Basha called the 48-hour ultimatum given by the Central Elections Committee (KQZ) and Prime Minister Rama as “an ultimatum to participate in a puppet theater.”