European Commission to Kosovo: Form a Government

The European Commission has asked Kosovo to form a government as quickly as possible and to continue the implementation of the reforms.

In an interview with the newspaper Gazeta Observer, EU Commission spokesperson Maja Kocijančič said that Kosovo has no time to lose:

We hope in the formation of the Kosovar government. Kosovo has no time to lose. We expect that the new government with is formation will immediately engage with the reforms that deal with the implementation of the law and the economy, the expectations of visa liberalization, and a constructive engagement in the dialogue with Serbia.

After holding early elections in June Kosovo is still waiting for a government. The winning coalition of PDK–AAK–NISMA still didn’t manage to find allies to form a majority of 61 seats. The current political crisis has also led to the fact that a Speaker of Parliament still has not been elected.

In an interview with radio station Free Europe, the candidate of the winning coalition for prime minister, Ramush Haradinaj, declared that Kosovo will have a government and new institutions within ten days. Haradinaj has talked with the leader of the AKR, Behgjet Pacolli, to find a solution out of the political stalemate. Haradinaj also didn’t exclude the possibility of a broad coalition, which would presumably include Vetëvendosja as well.