From: Alice Taylor
Ex-Deputy Interior Minister of Albania Placed Under House Arrest for Corruption

The Special Court for Corruption and Organized Crime (SPAK) has put the former Deputy Minister of the Interior, Rovena Voda, under house arrest after allegations she has took bribes.

According to SPAK, during her time as Deputy Minister of the Interior, she received money and other benefits from employing Majlinda Hasani and Florida Bey in the civil administration. The Court has placed Voda, Hasani, and Bey under house arrest.

Voda left the post of Deputy Interior Minister in July 2020 after holding the position since 2017.

Voda’s arrest is part of a string of arrests of Albanian officials for corruption over the past weeks.

Earlier this month, SPAK also arrested the Mayor of Lushnje Fatos Tushe. He was arrested on charges of corruption as a part of a larger anti-corruption operation by SPAK and the police. 15 other public officials were also arrested during the operation.

Tushe is a member of the Socialist Party and has been Mayor of Lushnje for 10 years.

Earlier this week, nine officials from the Ministry of the Interior were arrested by SPAK. They were arrested in relation to a suspicious tender for the issuance of police uniforms worth EUR 23 million.

Sander Lleshaj who was Miniter of the Interior at the time denied any involvement in the corruption and said he had raised the alarm prior to his departure.