From: Exit News
Ex-opposition MP Agron Shehaj Donates Two Ventilators to Tirana Hospital

Agron Shehaj, a former opposition MP and entrepreneur, has donated two ventilators and a dialysis machine to Shefqet Ndroqi Hospital in Tirana, Albania’s main hospital for COVID-19 patients, where more than 200 are hospitalized.

The head of the intensive care Alma Cani Ansary announced the news, and thanked Shehaj for his life-saving contribution.

One of the ventilators was partially paid for with the €13 thousand that Shehaj fundraised for the same purpose. 

Ventilators are vital devices for helping those seriously ill with the coronavirus to stay alive. Albania has a limited number of ventilators, not enough to cover the need.

This is so far the only donation of ventilators by an entrepreneur in Albania during the coronavirus pandemic.

The European Union has also donated 15 mobile ventilators to Albania.