From: Exit News
Ex-Opposition MP Raises Suspicions over Prime Minister’s Connection with Air Albania Shareholder Accused of Fraud

Former Democratic Party MP Agron Shehaj has publicly asked for an investigation to be launched into the connections between Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama and Sinan Idrizi, a major Air Albania shareholder that is being sued for fraud in Turkey.

Shehaj raised questions regarding the way Idrizi, unknown to the public until 2018, became the government’s partner in the Air Albania airline. Shehaj alleged that Idrizi as a 41% Air Albania shareholder was in fact a front for Rama, himself.

Sinan Idrizi is currently being sued for financial fraud by Turkish entrepreneur Adnan Polat. Idrizi refused to return a $3.5 million deposit given to him by Polat for the sale of oil company GFI Albania, a sale that never went through.