From: Alice Taylor
Exhibition for Albanian Mauthausen Victims Opens in Tirana

An exhibition is taking place in Tirana to tell the story of Albanians who ended up in Nazi Germany’s Mauthausen concentration camp.

A collaboration between the Organisation for Destination Management and the National History Museum, along with the victims, survivors, and families of concentration camps, details the stories and the fates of those interred at the infamous camps.

In 1943 and 1944, some 427 Albanians were sent to the camps, and only 23 returned.

As a part of the project, DMO staff visited Mauthausen and conducted significant research. The result is a multimedia exhibition including photographs, testimonies, and documentaries from eight survivors.

The exhibition is open from 21 January until 31 January at the National History Museum in Tirana.

Exit previously brought you the story of one Albanian who was imprisoned in Mauthausen, cheated death, and upon liberation, waked from Austria to Albania only to then be imprisoned by Enver Hoxha.