From: Exit Staff
Family of Minor Who Denounced Sexual Abuse and Drug Trafficking, Threatened with Explosives

The family of a 17-year-old girl from Fushë-Kruja, who denounced 6 people for sexual abuse and drug trafficking, has been threatened with a quantity of TNT at her family home.

On Sunday evening, the girl’s mother found a suspicious package in front of the house. She immediately called the police, who confirmed it was explosives and successfully deactivated it.

A few days ago, police arrested four people and declared two others wanted, accused by the 17-year-old of sexual abuse and the production and sale of narcotics. It is alleged that the individuals drugged her and sexually assaulted her.

Their arrest came after 8 months of investigation. According to reports, the police have determined that the package was placed by one of those wanted in connection with the case.