From: Exit Staff
Farmers Asked to Obtain Tax Number to Enjoy Benefits

The government called on farmers to equip themselves with NIPT (tax number) in order to benefit from excise-free oil starting in January 2021.

The call was made by Deputy Prime Minister Erion Brace.

On December 1, 2020, the government removed excise, turnover tax and carbon from oil for farmers with economic identification number (NIPT).

In December 2020 , Deputy Minister of Agriculture Roland Kristo said that in two months only 1,500 farmers have been provided with NIPT.

“Register, get NIPT and get oil without excise, turnover tax, carbon tax! Those who have greenhouses for the part of the land work also benefit! Do it now and reduce the labour costs of your product…Above all, up to 140 million lek turnover per year, the profit tax has become zero”, the Deputy Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

A recent report found that the average Albanian farmer turnover just EUR 1700 per year.