From: Ilir Aliaj
Fatos Lubonja as Consensual President

Last week, except the debates about the deep political crisis in which the country has been plunged, also saw the debate about the new president.

The two parties are clear about their positions. The majority burned two out of the five voting rounds that are allowed by the Constitution, under the pretext that it is waiting for the opposition to choose a president with consensus. The opposition, meanwhile, demands that the new president is elected directly by the people. Actually, it should be pointed out that this idea was first brought up about a year ago by Ben Blushi.

It is not my intention to use these few lines as an entrance into the debate of how the president should be elected. But there is one interesting aspect: both sides request that the new president is elected by consensus. A few days ago the Prime Minister said that for this post we need a person who is able to bring together all sides whenever Albania needs it.

What needs to be emphasized is that beside the many names mentioned in the media, none of the parties has officially supported any candidate in particular. Maybe this indecisiveness of the political parties is caused by one of those secret political games that they play, or because they still didn’t find a consensual candidate.

Therefore I think that it is the duty of every Albania to propose on the marketplace of ideas names of people that they think fulfill the conditions of being independent from either side and have contributed to public life in Albania.

That’s why I think that the person who fulfills those criteria and would be good for the post of Albanian president would be Fatos Lubonja. I don’t that there is much need to devote several lines to his biography, because the life of a person who is above all parties is well-known to everyone. He would certainly be a great image for Albania.