From: Alice Taylor

A film by Albanian filmmaker Ardit Sadiku is screening this weekend as a part of the Cobb International Film Festival in Georgia, United States.

The Festival, formally the Marietta International Film Festival started in 2014 and brings together

Independent filmmakers from around the world to show their work to an audience that may not otherwise have access to it. The festival includes documentaries, short films, and feature-length films.

Ardit Sadiku has written, directed and produced a number of films including Life Between the Waters (2017), The Forgotten Mountain (2018) and Encounter in the Air (2019). He is self-taught and has worked in the US, but now works in Albania in television and film.

His latest film tells the story of Blerim, the employee of a TV station. He takes on an unusual side-job which involves him filming and interview with a young man, Drin, who is convinced he has a mental illness. He hopes that the programme about his story will help his bid for asylum in a foreign state.