From: Exit Staff
Finance Minister Announces EUR 274 Million for Infrastructure and Rebuilding After Earthquake

Albanian Finance Minister Anila Denaj announced yesterday that EUR 274 million has been allocated for management by the state, to rebuild infrastructure and houses following the 26 November earthquake

In Parliament, Denaj said that it’s necessary to invest in the development of roads to ensure that urban and rural areas are connected. This, she said, will bring a benefit to small to medium businesses in the areas.

She said that EUR 24.1 million will be used to rehabilitate roads in Vlora, Fier, Shkodra, Berat and Pogradec. 

Funds for the reconstruction process have been allocated to the Albanian Development Fund including areas impacted by the earthquake. A total of  EUR 93.5 million has been allocated for this.

Of that amount, EUR 58.8 million will be for reconstructing people’s homes and EUR 34.6 million for schools.