From: Arjola Tafaj
Five PD Members Announce Their Candidacy to Become Party Leader

The Democratic Party (PD) will be holding early elections to select their new party chairman, following a third parliamentary loss on April 25.

The current head of the Democratic Party, Lulzim Basha announced his candidacy on Friday for a third term as leader of the Democrats.

Some PD members have already demanded that Lulzim Basha withdraw from the position, as he has been unable to lead the party to victory in his previous terms. Two such members have now officially submitted their candidacies, Fatbardh Kadilli and former deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Edith Harxhi.

Ibsen Elezi, former PD leader for the northern city of Kukës also announced his intention to run on Saturday.

The latest to throw his hat in the ring is newly elected deputy for Tirana, Agron Shehaj. Shehaj was the second most voted PD candidate in the April 25 elections. In a Facebook post announcing this candidacy, Shehaj stated that the PD needs a new vision and direction, adding that he doesn’t see the elections as a race but a joint effort by all Democrats to create a modern, open and truly democratic party.

Candidates have until Saturday, May 22 to announce their candidacies, and the official electoral campaign will unfold until June 11.

The Leadership of the Democratic Party is expected to convene on Sunday, May 23 at 18:00 to decide on the candidates and the rules of the race.

The internal elections for Democratic Party leader will be held on June 13.