Former Deputy Minister Gjebrea Expected to Testify Today

Former Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs Elona Gjebrea is expected to testify today about her contacts with the criminal organization of the Habilaj brothers, as part of a rapidly expanding investigation of the Prosecution of Serious Crimes.

This is supposedly the second time that Gjebrea has been called by the Prosecution, even though the current deputy for the Socialist Party denied so last week. Gjebrea is suspected of having traveled with former Minister of Interior Tahiri outside Albania with the same Audi A8 that Tahiri had sold to the Habilaj brothers.

A few days ago, Opinion published the documents that show that Gjebrea’s husband, Arian Hoxha, who was a councilor for Minister of Energy Damian Gjiknuri, had lied on his decriminalization form. Hoxha had been convicted in 1995 by the Tirana Court with 8 months and 25 days imprisonment for the falsification of documents.

Hoxha failed to mention this verdict on his decriminalization form, which is a criminal offense.

In an interview with Ilva Tare, Gjebrea denied all allegations against her and her husband:

In my work as Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs […] I have respected and respect to a maximum degree the laws of the state and highest moral rules of out society. The attempts to dirty my name and the name of my family are triggered by the absence of any illegality in my actions, are interwoven speculatively with remote-controlled criminal affairs, and are sold in the media transformed into truth, to the profit of my opponents. […]

But the conception of a lie like the one distributed in public and hidden communications of the representatives of the PD, of my so-called suspected links with serious crimes acts such as the Habilajs and their group, merits a direct and clear answer from me. Nothing connects me with those other subjects prosecuted inside or outside the country.